About Us

L1CG enables our clients to quickly implement high-value Marketing and Product Management programs that generate rapid ROI through a cost optimized engagement model. Our solutions create high-value results rapidly by leveraging proven best-practice strategies, processes and tools that deliver immediate results. L1CG’s team of seasoned industry consultants have expertise across the Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Smart City, Water Generation, EV, High Tech, Defense, and Global Supply Chain Management industries.

We can provide interim Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, and Sales support or can be scaled to provide a suite of integrated full service solutions as a strategic third party partner.

Our Approach

L1CG was founded on the simple principle that commercial and product organizations must be tightly aligned and coordinated in order to successfully launch and develop a product, brand or company into Early Majority market segments. Any imbalance between the two will lead to products the market does not want, products the market does not understand, or even worse, markets the company does not understand. We believe that the key factor for the world’s most successful products, services and solutions is an integrated, cross-functional organizational strategy that is market led – starting with informed and clear requirements, followed by sales and operations alignment, and realized by programmatic execution and pipeline development.

L1CG delivers the experience, expertise, programs and tools that help enable our clients to strengthen market share and achieve continuous and profitable growth.

At the heart of L1CG’s approach is a market-centric focus, built around a deep understanding of the value the market wants or needs. We then put together and efficiently execute the action plans that utilize proven collaborative cross-departmental processes and programs to drive commercial success. Our fully integrated Go-to-Market solutions facilitate tight synchronization of Engineering, Operations, Sales, and Marketing activities with a well informed strategy aligned with strategic and operational objectives.